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Acts of kindness

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Where is the time going?  I can’t get over that it is November already! G and I have been so busy lately, well G mostly.  We are in the midst of renovating the kitchen and the garage.  The roof needed to be replaced on the garage, and of course when he took some apart he realized that the walls needed to be done too.  A huge undertaking but G is amazing and  is doing it all himself, well, with help from friends.

I am always taken aback by the true selflessness and selfishness of some people.  Luckily,  I am surrounded by amazing people, people that will give you their time and assistance without asking for much or anything in return.  We live in such a want and reward society, and people usually won’t do anything unless they are getting something back or ‘look’ better by doing it.   G’s undertaking, the garage and the kitchen, is overwhelming.  He works his accounting job and than returns to either work on the roof or the cabinets.  Some of G’s friends, even though they work long hours doing physical jobs take time at the end of the day or the weekend to help him.  Last Saturday, for instance, G and I awoke to hammering around 8:30am and realized that D had come over and had already gotten started on the garage siding!  How amazing is that? I can’t tell you how much G appreciates the help and I can see, when the boys are over, how much they bond and actually enjoy the time spent together.  It makes me happy to realize that there are still good people out there, good friends that will help someone in need, will give their time and effort just for that, and without asking for anything in return.

I figure we need more D’s.  We need to become less selfish.  What are we so busy doing anyways?  And doesn’t it feel amazing to help someone else, as little as the help can be?  I am the luckiest, I’ve been surrounded by people who love and support me.  I even have a friend who sends me beautiful, amazing cards all the time just because she likes giving them and she knows it will make me feel good.  She is an Angel, and I am so thankful that she is in my life.  I just need to remember this, after this Cancer is past me, that I can be that person, that Angel to someone.  We all have that ability, and you never know, sometimes it’s that little something (like that beautiful card) that will shape someone’s day or even week and their positive energy will shape someone elses day and so on and so forth. A positive, spiraling whirlwind of happiness, now doesn’t that sound fabulous?


7 Responses to “Acts of kindness”

  1. Sandra Spicer says:

    Positive, spiralling whirlwind of happiness…that sounds wonderful!!

    As you sit and enjoy your new cabinets and garage roof, remember that the people who spiral around you do so because you attract them. We’re all like little planets orbiting the bright and warm Mary sun!!

  2. Princess Michee says:

    You ARE that angel now, trust me wee one.

  3. Stacie says:

    Thank you for making my night with a nice piece on kindness. It’s so kind of you to share your insights.

  4. Princess Michee says:

    P.S. You look great up there with your construction hat!!

  5. Princess Michee says:

    LOL, remember when you and Greg were somewhere and someone said “hi ladies, I’ll be right with you?”. Classic.

  6. Tracy B says:

    Your positive energy changes lives right now, Mary! I am happy to hear that you are surrounding by good people. Too often we cross those that can be mean and malicious. I wish more people would step back and refocus and try to be the best person they could be each and everyday…not only to others but to themselves.

    Happy construction!

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