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At the edge of the woods…

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I was listening to a song on YouTube and someone posted this:

“This song reminds me of walking on a crisp Fall day, grasping a piping hot Starbucks cameral brule in one hand. I watch stray foliage twirl to the ground, as my hair is gently tousled by a cool gust of wind. I’m wearing a fresh knit sweater and jeans. The smell of burnt lumber lingers in the air, someone has lit and stoked the seasons first fire. Everyone walks with an extra step, like they have somewhere to go. Not me, I soak it all in, it’s when I feel the most ‘real’.”


I felt like I could just inhale this imagery.  I sensed it, throughout my body, not just in my minds eye.  It made me think of October, walking the dog, and hiking in the woods.  It made me smile, and think of the love that surrounds me. Recently, I’ve been having trouble picturing the future.  I’ve thought about it, hoped for vacations down south, and made plans in my mind but Cancer kept getting in the way.  This small paragraph stopped me, and let me dream and crave.  I love the summer but can’t wait to put on a thick sweater, to feel and hear the leaves crunch under my feet, the cool wind on my face, and just breathing in that air.  It’s scary how I let myself get so down, how I could forget about the small pleasures in life…I forgot to really Imagine.  I need to try harder; I’ve lost my positive attitude for a bit but I’m fighting and itching for it back.

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  1. Sandra Spicer says:

    Fall is my favourite time too…the smells, the colours, wearing socks again, everything. I also really love the growth in Spring, but it seems to go by in a flash, whereas Fall can really be enjoyed.

    You say that it’s scary how you ‘let’ yourself get so down, but please realize that you can’t control your fears and feelings all the time. I am a firm believer in positive thinking, but sometimes our souls need to grieve and hurt and we don’t always have the power to control when and where this happens. Don’t get down on yourself if you feel mired in the mud sometimes, I can’t imagine a person being able to completely ignore their feelings.

    Sending you a hug.

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