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Awkward doctors and kidney stones

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So busy!  Radiation is going as well as it should, but my breast is red, sore and itchy. I still hate it (the rads not my breast!) but full breast radiation ends Monday and then on to high strength, tumor area, target radiation (I am sure there is an actual name for that but that what I call it) I love my surgeon, he did such an amazing job and the scars are minimal and mostly hidden. I also love my breasts and my still blue areola, it makes me feel like part Smurf. I’m happy that I kept them, even after they tried to kill me.

Yesterday, was a long day and I’m still recovering from it. I had Radiation at 10, and met with my Oncologist and then my Herceptin infusion. I use to like my meetings, now I dread them. Recently they have been awkward, and yesterday was a fine example. He asked me how the Radiation has been treating me, I told him fine and just said that my breast was red and a little sore. He is quiet and doesn’t say much so I feel like I have to talk or ask questions or really just break the silence and weird eye contact. I use to find his accent cute but now I don’t as I’m having a hard time understanding him. G doesn’t help, as he has NO clue what he’s saying so half the time we all just stare at each other. So he asked me how my breast was and then asked how the scar was. I told him it’s alright. He then asked to see it. I felt weird, awkward and wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do as I was fully clothed and we were all just sitting around. So I just popped my boob out and showed him (and the student who I never was introduced and didn’t say one word to me…) Dr. C looked at it from across the room, and the student silently looked at it, and finally the doctor said “oh good, looks like everything is going as they should. I see no problems or issues here” I wasn’t expecting applause or anything (but it would have been appreciated) but I guess I wanted more explanation or a little bit of warmth or something, just anything to take away strangeness of it all, but that was that and so I plopped my breast back into my shirt and away we went.

As we were walking to the Chemo ward for my Herceptin I told G that I was worried about the next step radiation and scared that my scar would break/tear apart. He told me that was crazy talk and that scar tissue was more durable. I still don’t really believe him as I read on forums of other ladies whose mastectomy scars broke apart and basically exploded during Radiation. Gross I know, but now you know where my fear lies.

After Herceptin, G and I went to Cora’s for lunch. We ordered, and during the wait for our food G complained of a sharp pain in his side. He left the table to walk it off and the food came.  I then got a call from him, he was in the car and said that we had to go to the hospital.  He was feeling faint and in the most pain he has ever had.  I paid the bill quickly and back to the hospital we went.  I dropped him off in Emergency and then went to park the car.  When I returned he was in sitting in the waiting room, all pale and sick looking, hunched over groaning in agony.  It was horrible.  I talked the receptionist and told her that something was seriously wrong, and asked if G can be seen right away.  She complied and brought him in and a nurse set up an IV and gave him a pain killer.  She told us that it was most likely a kidney stone and that he will need a CT scan.  In the meantime we were set up in the Observation area and waited 6 hours for the scan.  G got high on Morphine and Dilatin while I read to him and played Jetpack Joyride.  The nurses were amazing, and said that the pain from Kidney stones are comparable and sometimes worse than Child Birth, oh my!  When he finally got the scan, it turned out to be a 3mm stone and close to the bladder.  The doctor said that it may take up to 2 weeks for it to pass!  Poor G, he’s not looking forward to his ‘stone’ baby.

All is good today.  We are both very tired after our 12 hour day at the hospital but G is feeling better and that is all that counts!  Many thanks to both our family and friends who were kind and supportive through this ordeal.  Love you guys!!!

3 Responses to “Awkward doctors and kidney stones”

  1. Kanta Connie B. says:

    You poor kids! How horrid for G!!! And you certainly haven’t been through a picnic. You are handling everything so maturely and with great understanding. You are amazing!!!!! I saw this in you when you were just a little girl, always sunny but very alert to everything too.

    I hope G feels better soon! That is such a painful thing to undergo.
    I hope life turns around for you both and soon all this will be behind you.

    Love, Connie (Kanta)

  2. Lise Garneau says:

    Holy Moly! Couldn’t believe my eyes as I was reading above on your last couple of days. But the good news is that you know what the pain was all about and things will get better. The two of you are amazing troopers and supporting one another is total love with a big L. You are awesome together. Leaving for Mexico in 24 hours and wish I could bring you in my luggage…but you will be in my heart. Love, Lise xxx

  3. Natalie says:

    Wow that is horrible!! Love to both of you. xxx

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