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Bone Scan

A Bone Scan is used to show whether the cancer has metastasized or spread to your bones.  When you arrive you will be given a small injection of radioactive tracers (radionuclides). These tracers accumulate in certain organs and tissues, such as bones. Once introduced into the body, tracers emit a type of radiation called gamma waves, which are detected by a special camera.

I was injected and then asked to return in 3 hours and told to drink plenty of water.  I have heard also that others have had the scan right after the injection and had to return 3 hours later for another scan.

When you arrive back you are asked to lie down (on your back) on a padded table.  Your technician may offer you a sheet (as it is very cold in there!) and will proceed to cover you and strap your arms in (Mummy style).  It is not uncomfortable but hard to remain perfectly still.  This usually takes around 40 minutes as the camera moves and rotates slowly taking pictures of your body.

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