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Can I be excused? I think my brain is full.

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My right ovary was found!  Apparently it was never missing just really small, my left one is small too.  I suppose I just have child-sized ovaries; who would have thought?  G says I could compensate for my small ovaries with a faster,  more powerful car.

I went to get another abdominal ultrasound, but this time was to check my internal organs for cancer.  I really hate all these tests as I always worry that they will find more cancer (or other hidden diseases) I wish they would tell me after each test if things are alright but they always keep you in the dark.  I’m now hoping for no news, as it usually means good news (as the saying goes).  They had trouble finding my left kidney.  I asked if it was child sized, and received a sigh and a puzzled look.  The response, “Umm…it’s a normal adult size.”  I was relieved.  I was kind of worried that all my organs were child sized.  This cancer business is making me find all different things about my body.

So G and I are going to go ahead with this embryo making business.  I might have to delay Chemo for a bit to collect more eggs (if it’s safe) and start on hormones in two weeks.  This will be a wild and crazy summer!  G asked the doctor if the eggs can get freezer burnt.  There was no reply.  Not even a smirk.  I thought it was a little funny.  The doctor did mention, right after that there was a storing cost of $300 each year.  That put us in our place.

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