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Another day, another test

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It was a busy day yesterday.  G and I had a meeting at the fertility clinic first thing in the morning.  We had some questions answered and surprisingly started the process.  It looks like they will do embryo freezing but there is much to do to get this done.

The doctors took our blood and G is scheduled for an appointment for semen analysis on Monday.  His instructions made me laugh ” The specimen should be collected by masturbation after meticulously washing your hands.  Alternate methods may be discussed with your doctor but are not recommended.  DO NOT USE CONDOMS as these contain chemicals which may kill sperm and invalidate results.”

I wonder what the alternate methods are and really would someone really use a condom???  I also giggled on the meticulous washing bit!  It also said that it needs to be dropped off no later than 1 hour after collection.  G said that he may just do it in the parking lot or in the waiting room.  Hopefully there won’t be any arrests that day!  (joking!)


I also had a  MUGA Scan at the Ottawa Heart Institute.  They injected me with radioactive traces and then took pictures of my heart.  The IV really hurt this time, and I had to wait 40 minutes after they put it in.  It really sucked but these tests are needed and I know I have a lot more to do so I can’t be a big baby.  The scan was OK.  A little strange and something I hope I will never have to do again in my life time.  It took about 45 minutes and I was SO happy to get out of there and go home.  The worst part was being in the hospital and seeing everybody in the waiting room.  I wondered what they were there for and prayed that they would make it through this (whatever was happening with them)  There are so many sick people!  I hope they have the support and love that I do!

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