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I’m Awkward.

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ORIGINAL ABSTRACT BREAST PAINTING by MARCEY HAWK “Painted using only my breasts (size 34D and natural)”

Tuesday was my first day of post tumor radiation and I was feeling sick.  Awful really, with a horrible migraine and the flu.  I was brought to a new radiation area, and was told by the radiologist that the process is basically the same and that I could still change into the robe before going in.  Well…when I first had my radiation ‘interview’ the woman told me that most of the ladies don’t bother changing into a robe and just wear a baggy sweater or such and take it of in the room so for the past month that is what I’ve been doing.  So I told her, “nah, I’m not wearing a bra and I’m a quick change”.  And I pulled off my shirt and blocked my chest and got ready.  I left my wig and toque on.  So I laid down and a radiologists drew a large circle around my scar and marked the scar it with an X.  All in dark green permanent marker.  My breast is a work of art.  Maybe now more abstract than realistic.

After the radiation was done, I was in a hurry to get home and go back to bed.  I started to sit up and the radiologist students startled and said “oh no, don’t give me a heart-attack.  You can’t move until the bed is down”  So I lay back down but my wig or hat or whatever got tangled and off it flew.  I didn’t really notice it, but the look on her face kind of clued me in.  So I dropped my sweater that was hiding my breasts and grabbed my wig and made some ridiculous comment like “oops, lost my head”.  Normally I would have been mortified but then I figured my hair is growing back, and I should be proud even if it is patchy and weird looking so I got into my clothes and left the hospital topless.  And by topless, I mean head wise and it felt wonderful.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    YES…be proud that you’re a strong woman and are working your way through this! I can’t believe that a radiologist student would be affected by seeing a person undergoing cancer treatments without a full head of hair, was she that much of a newbie?

    I think you should draw designs on your other breast with purple marker, I really like purple and green together.

    Hang in there babycakes!

  2. April says:

    You truly are incredible Mary. You have faced this battle with such grace, dignity and humour. I have said it before and will keep saying it…you truly are an inspiration. If only have the world could face their battles the way you do they would surely win their race. Luv u ♥ And p.s. lmfao at the hairless cat cartoon.

  3. Angele says:

    Good for you. I started taking my scarf off 2 months after the chemo ended. I was bald with fuzzy hair growing in, but for some reason, I figured people knew what it was about and I was ok with it. It does feel nice.

  4. Amy says:

    I love you!!!!!!!!

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