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Living La Dolca Vita

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A lot of things are brewing in the horizon but for now there are clear skies.

I’ve been the happiest ever these last two weeks, mostly because of fabulous family and friends. I’ve never really realized how important it is to have positive influences in my life, until now.


I have also realized that there are so many more good people than not. I’ve had trouble trusting people in the past, was weary of them and thought that some people meant more harm than good or that they were doing good things for selfish reasons. Wow, was I ever wrong and horribly judgmental. Our world is filled with amazing people. Loving people that will open their heart to you, if you only let them in. Now that I see people in a brighter light, I can understand human psychology better and I can grow into a much more enlightened human being.

I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been trying to get a little bit of normality back into my life. Ignorance is bliss at times. I’ve decided to go ahead with the fertility treatments. With the support and advice from many specialists we will freeze embryos with the hope that some will survive the thaw and make us a baby when it is time. I will also be going into a early menopause (kind of like freezing my Uterus) so this may raise my chances of being fertile in the future. This is giving me hope, but I already feel stronger and understand that whatever happens, I am already better off.

I will start my hardy dose of Chemo Thursday, September 1st. I’m prepared for it, and already purchased some head scarves and wigs. I’ve read about some woman complaining that their families prefer them with their wigs rather than their actual hair. Can you imagine? I would hate for my family to say when my hair grows back if I could put my wig back on. But, I’m going to have fun with my baldness and treat every day like Halloween. Alright maybe not, but I am for sure getting a beehive hairdo like Marge Simpson. G thinks she’s one hot mama ;)


5 Responses to “Living La Dolca Vita”

  1. Sandra Spicer says:

    Thanks for helping us all remember not be judgemental about people. It’s so easy to jump to conclusions and in reality, most of those would be wrong.

    Taking us all along on your journey is very brave, thank you.

  2. Stacie says:

    Mary, you’re an inspiration. I think about you and I am hopeful you will kick cancer’s ass.

  3. Kanta Connie B. says:

    You are truly amazing Mary!!! I truly admire your spirit. I am so proud that you are my niece!!!!!!

    I’ll be with you in spirit when you have your first chemo treatment, and always after this too.

  4. Lise Garneau says:

    Your words are so meaningful and precious. I feel privileged to share your thoughts and you are in inspiration to all of us. With you always and all my love.

  5. BlondGirl says:

    Thank you so much for all your loving words. Your encouragement and love mean everything to me and help me along this rough patch. I know I will make it through, a bit weaker in body but stronger in spirit. I am so happy and proud that you are all in my life. A million times THANK YOU!!!

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