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LTD and Bridezilla

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A month, a whole freaking month went by and I’ve done a whole lot of nothing.  Well, actually I have been trying to plan a wedding., and I’m pretty close to becoming Bridezilla.  I found my dream wedding dress, and when they say that you will know when it’s the one, they were right.  I must have tried on over 3o dresses, and all were really pretty and I did like them, but when I tried this one on I cried.  I love it.  I want to wear it everyday! Also, did you know that you can buy a Wedding Dress off Ebay for $100?  Nice ones too! Crazy, eh!?

G and I are planning a Stag and Doe.  We are going to sell tickets and all proceeds will go to buy a new TV for the General’s Radiation Center waiting room.  They have a old, fuzzy, crappy TV and so many people watch it while they wait up to and over an hour sometimes.  I think a new one would be appreciated, but I really do want to celebrate the fact that I’m getting married.  Who would have ever thunk it? !

So yesterday I talked to a woman from Long Term Disability.  They are still working on my claim and they told me that they need more information from my Oncologist (which has already filled out all the paperwork, what else would they want?).  I was really upset yesterday because she told me IF I get approved I won’t be receiving any money until May 25th because of the 180 day waiting period (my claim started in June!) I don’t get any back pay either.  I find this CRAZY as I’ve been paying into LTD since I started work over 5 years ago!  I want to go back to work and have talked to HR about staring back April 1st.  HR was great but encouraged me to start back half-time and said that they needed a doctor note to make sure that it’s alright to go back.  He laughed and said that he was surprised I hadn’t talked to my Oncologist about returning to work before contacting him, I told him that I’m just that eager… I also just really need the paycheck.

I‘m feeling better, but still VERY tired and have muscle pains and flu symptoms after the Herceptin but the  symptoms don’t last too long (a week or so).  I started taking Tamoxifen this month and these symptoms are not so bad, mostly hot flashes (especially at night!).  I also fly off the handle easily, but maybe that’s just bitchiness in my old age :P   Poor G!



4 Responses to “LTD and Bridezilla”

  1. Sandra Spicer says:

    My brother had to wait so long before his LTD kicked in too, it is criminal.

    I’m glad you’re getting stoked about heading back to work, I’m sure being there would be good for your soul, but please do consider starting halftime. Your body has been through a lot and you sure don’t want to have a setback.

    Hey, congratulations on find “THE” dress, I bet you will look magical in it!

  2. April says:

    Mary, as much as we miss you and as much as we will be SOOOOOOOO happy to see you back, please do not rush it. Your health and well being are your number one priority. I too think you should consider the half time. And what a FABULOUS idea about raising money for a tv set for the hospital. Just more proof that you have a kind, generous soul. (((HUGS)))

  3. Lise Garneau says:

    Hi Mary. Super and I vote for the half day too . Keep me posted on that terrific idea for the tv set. I’ll gladly contribute. Can’t wait to see that dream dress. See you soon.

  4. BlondGirl says:

    Thanks everyone! I’ve given it a lot of thought and I will be starting back half time! You are all so amazing :)

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