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T minus 2 days

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2 more days.  I’m getting nervous and scared.  I’m worried about the port-a-cath.  I’m getting it inserted on Thursday morning, at 7:00 and Chemo is scheduled for 12:30pm.  I hate that I have these two scary things on the same day, only a few hours apart!  I’m worried about getting sick and my port-a-cath hurting and possibly opening/bleeding.  I also think that it is super gross.  It really, truly is.  They are putting it in through my jugular… yucky.  I’ve been reading up on it too much it seems and the more I do the more scared I am.  I suppose I may be TOO prepared.

G has been amazing.  I’m already pre-menoposal, and my moods are shifting and I feel my bitchy side flying.  I have horrible road rage and it’s not so good when I drive G’s new truck as it is massive and I sometimes want to hit things and people.  If you see a black SUV on the road, G warns to stay far away.  You will most likely be in the right but I’m menaposal…with cancer and soon chemo brain.  Don’t worry, according to G, the only thing I’ll be driving is my bike and possible him crazy.

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  1. Julie says:

    Don’t worry Mary. It will all be fine. Yeah it’s scary, if you wern’t scared I’d ask them to do a brain scan on you. Umm just out of curiosity what’s the license plate on that big black SUV so when I see it I can hit the gas?

  2. Keren says:

    Hi Mary,
    Keep breathing through your fear and ask to be surrounded in white illuminating light, ask spirit to protect you, heal you and calm you.
    Your amazing, stay strong and positive, my prayers are with you.
    with love

  3. Sandra Spicer says:

    When I was still grieving the death of my best friend a year or so ago, I had terrible road rage, giving the finger to everyone. The one time that made everyone laugh was this past winter when I smugly held up my finger and didn’t notice until after the car had passed me that I was wearing my rainbow mitts, so the only thing I was giving them was a brightly coloured hand. Kind of deflated me at the time, but gave all my coworkers a laugh.

    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and will definitely stay clear of a black SUV on the road.

  4. Kanta Connie B. says:

    I’ll be with you in Spirit Mary, as you go through this. You are a very strong woman and I am so very proud of you.
    I was just looking through old albums from when you and your family used to come to visit Mom.She’s watching over you too I’m sure.

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