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The longest day!

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Lost Overy!Happy summer solstice! As the longest day of the year, it was also the most exhausting.  Got a lot accomplished but didn’t realize before today that my right ovary was missing.  How does one lose one without knowing it?  Not to worry, the technician said my left one was in fine form and would do the business of two.  Hopefully she is right, as I don’t really want (or need) anything else to worry about.


I also finally got my bone scan, abdominal ultrasound (for fertility) and chest x-ray completed.  Phew, more tests down and only a few left to go (I hope!).   We went to the hospital for 8am.  G said now he will take over the driving, because in my rush to get there I drove over the curb and went through a yellow light.  I blame it on the cancer ;) .


The bone scan was not as scary as I envisioned. It took about 40 minutes and the camera circled around my body capturing images in 3D. Pretty neat actually!

I got more radioactive traces injected into me but this time I hardly felt it and was sent on my way home.  Well not home yet as I had to get the chest x-ray done.  This was surprisingly fast, the only thing that was difficult was getting that stupid 3 holed hospital gown on(ok not really, but I did ask if I should have it opened in the front or back and she explained that it was a double thingy; silly moi!).


I finally received the paperwork from my doctor (it is recommended that you take home copies of all your own medical files to read and have on hand if needed for consultation or second opinions) I found out that I have Invasive Ductal Carinoma. (IDC) which is the most common type of breast cancer (80% of all breast cancers are this type)


I was surprised that it is invasive, which means that it has begun to spread to other surrounding tissues, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it hasent yet invaded my lymph nodes.  My notes/report also stated that I will most likely need Chemotherapy, which I was hoping to avoid, but a friend has reassured me that she is fully fertile after treatment.  This is a big relief, I suppose I just have to wait this all out to know all the answers.


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